My church leadership asked me…

How can you justify your gay relationship in light of the Church’s belief in “one man, one woman”?

I set out to carefully, prayerfully, scripturally answer that question. I had been researching the topic for 6 years, and had just completed a re-reading and study of the Bible. The result is a book titled Included in Christ. In this book, I have carefully reviewed each of the Scriptures which appear to condemn homosexuality. Additionally, I have specifically addressed every argument I could find by those who disagree with my premise.

The book goes to my (self-) publisher and audiobook narrator soon. In the meantime I will post the introduction to the book, which is chapters 1-3 and the Table of Contents. Please feel free to email me if you have any interest in reading the book.

There is an app called “Voice Aloud Reader” available for android and iphone. If you download this app onto your phone, then the app can read any article, website, or pdf out loud. To have the app read the post with chapters 1-3 below, just download the app, open on your phone, then go to the browser menu, which is, on my android phone, three vertical dots in the top right corner, and choose “share link” or “open with.” Then you’ll have the option to choose “Voice Aloud” or “@Voice Aloud.” You’ll want to scroll down past this post, because apparently, you’ve already read it.

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