Table of contents

Section 1: Introduction and thesis

  1. The traditional Christian approach to homosexuality
  2. Gay Christians?
  3. Does the possibility exist? 
  4. The word “homosexuals” in the Bible

Section 2: Bible Passages 

  1. I Corinthians 6:9 – Those who will not inherit the kingdom of God 
    1. Arren and koite, from the Levitical passages
    2. Footnotes in The New American Bible and The Passion Translation
    3. Reverend David’s letter to Dr. Luther Weigle
  2. I Timothy 1:9-11 – The ungodly and sinful 
    1. The list of behaviors in the NIV and eleven other translations
    2. The list using the footnote from The Passion Translation
  3. Romans 1:18-32 – The antithesis of grace by faith in Christ 
    1. Were these gay people?
    2. Due penalty
    3. Paul’s description of these people and my response
    4. Porneia
    5. Reversing Paul’s premise
    6. Shameful, unnatural, reprobate
    7. “You who pass judgment do the same things.”
  4. Genesis 19:1-29 – The story of Sodom and Gomorrah
  5. Two passages from Leviticus
  6. Complementarity: One man, one woman
    1. One flesh
    2. Scriptural exceptions
    3. Procreation
    4. The creation story
  7. Exceptions, reversals, and other labels
    1. Women are not allowed to speak in church
    2. Slavery
    3. Deacons
    4. Elders
    5. Eunuchs
    6. Food sacrificed to idols
    7. The sun rises, and the sun sets
    8. Love your enemies
    9. Pearls, gold jewelry
    10. Greet each other with a holy kiss
    11. Head coverings
    12. Interracial marriage
    13. Remarriage
    14. Tithe
    15. One man, one woman
  8. Other Scriptures sometimes used to refer to gay people 
    1. John 8:11b – Go and sin no more
    2. Matthew 19:1-12 – So shall a man leave his father and mother
    3. Proverbs 14:12 – A way that seems right to man
    4. Hosea 12:8 – They will not find in me any iniquity
    5. Revelation 3:16 – Because you are lukewarm
    6. Revelation 3:17 – Wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked
    7. Ephesians 5:22-25 – Wives, submit to your husbands
    8. Mark 9:42 – If anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble
    9. Romans 15:5-7 – Accept one another
    10. Matthew 12:7 – Condemning the innocent
    11. Romans 14:4 – To judge someone else’s servant
    12. John 9:3 – Neither this man nor his parents sinned
    13. Acts 10:28b – I should not call anyone impure or unclean
    14. Romans 14:16 – What you know is good
    15. I John 3:6b – No one who continues to sin has seen Him
  9. Eating defiled food and forbidding people to marry
    1. Our freedom in Christ
    2. Sin requires harm
      1. Harm to God, to participants, or to neighbors
      2. “Promoting homosexuality” among children
    3. The early church agreed to disagree.
    4. Seared as with a hot iron

Section 3: History

  1. God heals: Ex-gay ministries
  2. Celibate gay Christians 
  3. Where did this extreme aversion to gay people come from? 
  4. Same-gender attraction does not imply pedophilia. 

Section 4: Opinions/positions/propositions

  1. Should gay Christians be allowed to serve in the church, or should they remain visitors? 
    1. Cornelius and family baptized in the Holy Spirit
    2. God told Peter not to call any man unclean or impure.
  2. If it’s true, how could we have gotten it so wrong for so long?
    1. Slavery
    2. Interracial marriage
    3. Bible translations: “helpful” clarifications, opinions, objections, errors
    4. Pastor Tony Campolo
    5. Pastor Clay Peck, Berthoud, Colorado: Agree to disagree
  3. The non-affirming positions
    1. Gay people cannot be Christians unless they renounce homosexuality.
    2. Gay people can be Christians but must remain celibate. Otherwise, their sin disqualifies them from membership in the local church.
    3. Non-affirming gay Christians
    4. Could we agree to disagree?
    5. Addressing other non-affirming arguments
      1. No question as to what the two Greeks words mean
      2. No new data
      3. Eunuchs
      4. Slippery slope
  4. Heart to heart – To my traditionalist, non-affirming sibling in Christ, one of us is wrong. 
    1. My statement of faith
    2. Inconsistencies in the non-affirming argument
    3. “Don’t judge me.” 
    4. New Covenant Church of Atlanta
    5. Various analogies
  5.  Summarizing the premise: Is Scripture crystal clear that homosexuality is a sin?
    1. The clobber passages
    2. Complementarity – “one man, one woman”
    3. The whole of the Bible presupposes heterosexuality.
  6.  Where do you stand? Email me:
  7. Appendix: The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
  8. Reference list
  9. Acknowledgments

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